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Thelma Ilems

Thelma Ilems is a personality with a number of interests and skills ranging from broadcasting, script writing, counselling, one on one mentoring, singing, emceeing and a host of other things.

Her career has however towed the media part, and over the years, she has practiced broadcasting in all forms, from being a presenter, news reader, producer, editor and a superb voice-over artiste.

She joined Inspiration FM in August 2009. Having worked with some of the best hands on the job, as far as this part of the world is concerned (e.g. African Ace Broadcasters- CordeliaOkpei, Funke Treasure-Durodola, etc). she has acquired exceptional skills that make her stand out in the very competitive profession.

“I marvel at my success, smile at accolades, pickup sticks and move on when I make mistakes”. She cohosts the TeaBreak show with Tomiwa Immanuel.

Catch me everyday on TeaBreak bt 10:30am.