THE SATURDAY SHOW (Saturday 7.00am – Noon)

It is the ideal package suitable for the family that spend their weekend together. Contents range from the markets to the malls, family games to cookery and children’s adventure to the very innovative.

WEDDING VIBES – 7.15 – 8am: wedding requests for the “about to be wedded”, while they are putting in last minutes arrangements to their historic moment.

TALK RADIO – 8am – 9m: Newsy but general interest personality interview. It serves as a “cap” to most issues that had ravaged attention. It is heated with passion from both the guest and callers.

CRUISE CONTROL – 10.30am – 11am: problem solving and information laden-auto show with our experienced partnering auto engineers. Through this, many nerve wracking unpleasant experiences have been solved, at far cheaper costs and with less effort.

ADVENTURE IN THE ODDYSEY – 11am – 11.45am: children’s adventure, educative and intriguing to the young discerning mind.

It helps enliven and broaden the minds of the child.