The night time show is the perfect place to chill and wind  down after a long day amidst the hustle and bustle of Lagos. If you are looking to relax in a calm soothing atmosphere to ease the stress of the day. The night time show with Ego  provides all the trappings of a perfect get away. Through the music which ranges from the best of mid-tempo to slow jams that are ideal for night time and the various  segments carefully created to provide the perfect atmosphere to relax while also being entertained.


Save or delete-Sunday nights 8.30-9pm

Focuses on preparing the listeners for a smooth transition from the weekend into the work week ahead. It shares motivational and inspiring tips  that will be useful to the listeners as they embark on a busy  week ahead. The idea is to encourage the listeners to look back on their previous week as they reflect on the good and bad and give them the power to save what part of their week was good and delete what was not. The idea is to get them motivated and excited for the week ahead through performing this simple mental exercise something to help them navigate their week with more ease and less stress.


Pillow talk-Sunday nights  10-11pm

This segment creates a  motivational atmosphere for listeners who need to talk or get some form of counselling or advice to call in and share their unique issues. It encourages them to let down their guard and unburden any bit of stress their weekend has not taken care of. And topics cantered on relationships, life and society are usually discussed and communicated here.Listeners also enjoy carefully selected music that is usually soothing, calming, informative and  inspirational


Happy hour-Monday nights 9pm-10pm

The show is all about making Monday nights a little more fun and relaxing. It is a request show were listeners get to call in and request for whatever they consider will help them relax or feel better after a long hard day. The listeners get to enjoy a wide range of musical selections from any genre of their choice ranging from countrymusic,rock,pop,set rock, gospel to Naija hits. The idea is to make listeners feel like they are in control of their night by deciding what they want to listen to and encourage them to relax and enjoy the night.


Tenz at ten-Monday night at 10pm-11pm

Is a unique musical chart show that brings a different perspective on a musical count down show. It also highlights the evolution of music through the years as it takes the listeners occasionally on a nostalgic trip to a past era in music. Every week listeners get to enjoy ten songs from a different group or genre and get to explore both current and past  pop culture and trends. And listeners get to determine what songs are featured on the count down occasional by sending their suggestions via social media. They learn about different styles of music get information about the artists and their music all while enjoying the great collection of songs selected for the night.


Sister sessions-Tuesday night 9pm-10pm

The segment focuses on topics and issues that concern the single girl or lady and girls and ladies in general. Its primary focus is to help provide guidance and support for single ladies who are navigating their way through the dating scene and relationships in general. Here topics pertaining to these particular issues are discussed in a lively and supportive atmosphere. It is a highly interactive show as  listeners get to call in on air, tweet or text, both male and female to participate in the topic for the night. And a lot of burning questions that tend to confuse women about men are also asked on the air directly to the men who call in to give their responses.


Love dedications-Tuesday  from 10pm and Thursday nights from 9pm

The heart of the show  is about love and relationships. The show aspires to inspire listeners to build and forge healthy relationships through sharing and deliberating on various range of topics that cover every aspect of relationships from dating to marriage through the love therapy segment. And the music is carefully and thoughtfully selected to inspire a romantic ambience and to make every night on love dedications unforgettable. The show is also very highly interactive with listeners participating via social media sharing comments on the particular topic for the night. Listeners also get the chance to reach out and connect to loved ones in a unique and special way, they also get to select their choice of music which they dedicate to their loved one.

Match-making show-Wednesday nights 9pm-10pm

Is a show that is aptly named to help match singles who are searching for a significant other. It is focused on creating a common ground for busy single professionals looking for serious relationships to find prospective matches. Listeners participate by calling to share their dating profile on the air or send messages via text or social media. This is all done in a fun and unique way. Match making show boasts of dozens of couples who have walked down the aisle together after meeting through the show.


Heart Ache session-Wednesday night 10pm-11pm

This segment as it is aptly named provides comfort  and encourages healing to the broken hearted or those experiencing issues in their relationship. The topics  discussed are all geared towards helping the listener to go through the hurting process in a healthy and comforting way. The music is also carefully and deliberately selected to induce the right kind of atmosphere for healing and soothing. Listeners also get a chance to call in to share their break up experiences or just to ask questions or seek advice that may help them go through what they are experiencing.