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Eucharia Anunobi’s preference for white attires

Have you seen actress Eucharia Anunobi lately? Have you noticed her preference for white attires over other colours? And by the way, have you received her special Jesus greetings?

For those who think her claim to Christianity is phony, they’d better start getting used to it, as Anunobi utilises every opportunity to project her status as a pastor.

Last week, the actress who broke down in tears when she lost her only son to sickle cell anemia, was spotted at the passport office, Obalende, Lagos. Standing at almost six feet and dressed in impeccable white ‘sutana’ with matching clogs, Anunobi was a sight to behold. And guess what, she had a special smile for anyone who looked her way, and as excited fans greeted her, her response was a simple Jesus Greetings.

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