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NextRadioSuperStar Ibadan News Update

Good morning, guys. It’s a new week and the search for the #NextRadioSuperStar continues.

We’re switching styles this time around, so here’s the procedure:

10 contestants will be on rotation as they co-host with our in-house OAPs on certain programmes throughout the week. By Friday, we will nominate just 2 contestants out of the 10 to make it into the final phase of the NextRadioSuperstar competition. The remaining 8 are automatically eliminated.
The other set of 10 contestants will resume next week, following the same procedure as those for this week whereby only 2 will be selected for the final phase.
The final 4 contestants will battle it out in the upper week.
Don’t forget your favorite contestant. Keep cheering them on, live in the studio or on our social media platforms.
And don’t forget the hashtag…

Congratulations to those who have advanced to this stage.

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