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Gloria Maduka

Gloria Maduka, popularly known as MsGivingUWhatUNeed, is an award-winning media personality (radio/TV). Maduka graduated from the University of West Alabama with degrees in Journalism, English, and Psychology.

She was the first international student to be crowned either Ms. UWA or Miss Black & Gold. Maduka was given several honors awards and interned on Capitol Hill, Washington DC. She also graduated Magna Cum Laude and was the only honors student in her graduating class. Within six months of being on radio, Maduka was nominated Best Female Presenter at the 2013 ELOY Awards. In 2014, she won the award for Outstanding Afternoon Belt Presenter and in 2016, she was awarded Sexiest Female On-Air Personality by the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards. Maduka is also an award-winning singer-songwriter.

Twitter: @thegloriamaduka

Instagram: @gloriamaduka

Snapchat: gloriamaduka

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