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Ego Abili or Ego the love messenger as she is best known on the radio. Igbo by birth and Lagosian to the bone but an Aussie at heart…Lol!(I am definitely under an Australian spell, you would be too if you ever live there). Ego had a brief stint in radio between 2003 and 2004 with Rhythm 93.7fm Lagos. Also got to co-host a special valentine show for Fanta in 2004 that was syndicated on several radio stations across lagos . She sojourned into other profession for a few years, it never felt quite right and she finally found her way back to were she belonged living out her passion on radio. Ego joined the inspiration family in January 2012 as the winner of the stations radio superstar competition. With no formal training but sheer determination and raw passion she is set to make her mark in the broadcasting world. An avid music lover with a good ear for music. And a charming personality all topped with a voice listeners confess to be both soothing and magical. She brings her very special charm to the airwaves as she helps her listeners forget all their troubles as they get lost in the mood and ambience she deliberately creates for the night time with her very special and unique lovemessenger touch. She definitely has a magic formula that’s all her own  and her growing number of listeners attest to it. On twitter @Egoluvmessenger