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Ego Abili’s love for two things brought her to the radio scene, music and broadcasting. She decided that choosing radio would be the closest to having the best of both worlds. Self admittedly socially awkward She also confesses to gravitating towards radio because of the veil of anonymity and mystery it promised and  sought it as a safe haven but these  days thanks to social media ,live streaming ,the internet and all, that is no more the case. The game is definitely changed.And she is gradually coming to terms with it.

With no formal training but sheer passion and determination she began her radio experience  with a radio station here in Lagos back in 2003 where she got her first break and got to do a stint there before going on to do other things as well as to explore different territories for a couple of years. And her experiences only reinforced what she knew for sure, her love and passion for radio was going nowhere. Ego went to college at the North Sydney Institute of Tafe, Sydney Australia.

A true music enthusiast She enjoys different genres of music and loves to share her passion for music with others asshe truly believes in the healing power and magic of music and as host of the night time show she certainly doesn’t hold back when it comes to using it as an intricate tool to create the perfectatmosphere for her listeners. Which she makes a priority because of her passion to deliver an unforgettable radio experience for her listeners wherever in the world they tune in from. And has definitely mastered the art of merging talk and music seamlessly. Manyof her listeners from acrossthe world from the Turks and Caicos  to Oslo try to attempt to describe their experience with words like mesmerizing, addictive, breathtaking, magical, hypnotic, soothing,to mention but just a few. But in her own words it’s aeffortlessconnection between her and her listenersas they willing let her lure them into thenightshe creates just for them. An experience that may only truly be felt and may not be articulated clearly enough with words. It is all deliberately designed to help listeners relax and feel catered to after a long day. And she is definitely always thankful for the kind words, prayers and love they constantly send her way. And takes none of it for granted.

And she is also very thrilled to have helped so many singles get coupled up and even tie the knot through her very popular match making segment.