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Company Profile

We are Inspiration 92.3FM, a family radio station that caters to the needs of all listeners of discernible age (an average of between 12 and 70years), that is a wide margin.

Inspiration as the name implies is a divinely originated concept that give thought to ideas, music and information designed to up lift the spirit of the average radio listener, who when he is engaged by what he hears, feels the desire to be part of it.

At Inspiration 92.3fm we engage, we inspire, we motivate, we entertain, we inform and we educate.

Our aim is to mind us of the need to embrace that which is positive and can therefore move us towards understanding the environment in which we operate.

We try to add value to your life, by helping you live your dreams and achieve your full potentials in life.

We encourage you to worry less when all seem difficult. Inspiration radio encourages you to do your best, have faith and wait patiently for what is possible but seems otherwise.

We encourage nearness to God. We encourage good morals, virtue and ethics. Because at inspiration radio we provide you the shoulder to lean on.

We are family because we relate to all ages of discernible mind: Father, Mother, Children, Brother, Sister, Cousin, Aunty, Colleagues and Friends.

That is why we are Inspiration 92.3FM.

We have something for everyone.


Our vision and mission statement:

To inspire members of the public to live their dreams and achieve their potentials in life.

To give people hope for a better tomorrow and equip them to excel.

The mission of 92.3 Inspiration FM is to inspire with a back drop of the finest blend of Nigerian top 40 music and international top 40, while sustaining listenership with breaking news, eye witness accounts, news updates and inspirational quotes.


Core values:

Inspiration 92.3fm is owned by Amazing Inspiration Media Limited, a company with established values and integrity.

We are guided by the ideals of professionalism, team spirit and commitment to become the market leader in Radio broadcasting.


Audience and Coverage Areas:

Our target audience is 12 to 70years of age, we boast of the most modern equipments that industry can showcase.

Our coverage area is Lagos and its environs.


Our Reach:

Our Reach is considered to be between 8 to 10 million listeners especially during the evening rush hours.


Why We Are Family:

Our concept of imbibing family values makes us inspiration 92.3fm, the number 1 family radio station.

As the only family radio station in Nigeria, we have tailored our programmes to cater to the needs of all listeners of discernible age. Average age bracket from 12years to 70years.

We have carefully selected programmes like:

  1. Focus on the family (Every week daily 6:00am Monday – Friday)
  2. Sharing life issues (Every day of the week 7:00pm)
  3. Family praise jam (Every Sunday morning from 8:00am)
  4. Breakfast jam with (8-10:30am on Monday- Friday)



Inspiration radio as the name implies, is borne out of the need to inspire its listener to live their dreams and achieve their potentials.

The station plays the finest blend of Nigerian and international music.

The inspired news desk delivers the freshest news and sports in a fair, balanced and objective manner.

The station has seasoned and brilliant broadcasters like Soni Irabor, Chioma Okpala, Charles Dallas etc.

It boast of some of the best newscasters in the industry, like Dieko Gilbert, Esther Nwachukwu and Sportscasters like Tolu Shotade and Leye Aduloju.

These carefully selected talented broadcasters engage listeners, fulfilling interactive sessions, giving maximum value for information, Entertainment and Education.

Many Reasons Why You Should Tune To Inspiration 92.3FM:

  • It is the only Family Radio in Nigeria.
  • It lives true to this application through well articulated and rich programme content.
  • It boast of some of the best radio personalities in Nigeria.
  • It addresses life issues with dedicated attention to proffering solutions.
  • It encourages love for God and love for neighbour.
  • Our news is current, timely and factual.
  • Our listenership is growing rapidly and soaring. We have a verifiable listenership strength of up to ten million listeners in the Lagos metropolis, its environs and parts of the south west.
  • We have carefully selected devotional, motivational and inspirational programmes that keeps our youths and families in tow of values, morals and ethics, while keeping them entertained, informed and educated.


Some of the veterans that have passed through the Inspiration neighbourhood