BREAKFAST JAM (Monday – Friday 06am – 10.30am)

A day starter spiced with informative contents, music and general interaction with the public on global developments. It is aimed at uplifting the mind of the listener, as he/she is work bound and setting their pace for the day.

Weekday theme:

Back To Work Monday – built to encourage a healthy return to work, after the fun-filled weekend.

Terrific Tuesday – it helps get on the right rhythm, required for the rest of the week.

Work Wednesday – sharing work-place experience/s and how to cope with their attendant demands.

Love Thursday – a loving session delivered in some special way different from the fray, spiced with love songs, to inspire and reverberate emotions and to reminisce on past experiences.

Flashback Friday – generally termed “old school”, reminiscent music of yester years.

The Elements:

CHARGE FOR TODAY – 6am – 6.05am: motivational as well as inspiring. Topics range from the spiritual to the ordinary, serious to the very pedestrian. It is what may be regarded as a “people’s parliament”.

PAPER VIEW – Monday – Friday 8am. – 8.15am: a review of the day’s newspapers in brisk format, interspersed with an in-house guest analyses.

The segment reviews the top stories, followed by the guest analyses.

HIGHWAY BLUES – 8.10am – 8.30am: this monitors traffic in the Lagos area, as it relates to vehicular movements. With Lagos noted for its unpredictable traffic situations, residents are at advantage to know before and/or firsthand, situations on the roads, in the course of their daily itineraries.

AROUND THE WORLD IN 5 MINUTES – 8.45am – 9am: it mirrors global developments in brief mentions. This will assist in informing early birds or those who are constantly on the move but still desire to know goings-on around the world.

Usually breezy but fully packaged.

COMMUNITY CORNER – 10am – 10.20am: often, there is so much around us that require both government attention and the attention of dwellers. These only get to the fore if someone or a concerned raises such to the level of discussion.

With this element, several communities have been assisted to create awareness to developments in their respective communities – PHCN failures, poor/bad roads and other lacking/failing infrastructures. Not restricted to criticisms, efforts also get mentions and commended.

TALKING POINT – this usually ranges from “somethings to everything”: callers are encouraged to raise whatever issues that affect them ranging from governance to the pedestrian. Participation is all encompassing.