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The Senate Curbs Monkey Pox

Finally, Senate Proposes Ways to Curb Monkeypox

The Senate has proposed ways to curb the spread of Monkeypox, which broke out was first in Bayelsa state on Tuesday last week.

The disease has since been reported in at least seven other states in Nigeria.

The Senate while debating a motion sponsored by ALI WAKILI, APC-Bauchi, urged the Federal Government and other stakeholders to be pro-active in preventing the disease from becoming an epidemic.

The Senate expressed worry that there is no specific treatment or available vaccine for monkey pox, saying the only ways to reduce the spread is through awareness of risk factors, enlightenment of the public and reduction of the possibility of animal to human transmission.

While commending the sponsor of the bill, MAGNUS ABE enjoined stakeholders to be pro-active in handling of diseases outbreak to avoid preventable deaths.

After debating the motion, the Senate resolved to urge the Federal Government through the Ministry of Health, State Governments, Local Governments and CBOs to be pro-active in containing and preventing the spread of Monkeypox disease from where it was reported to have occurred.

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