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Mourinho looks forwards to ‘perfect’ season finale in Stockholm

Jose Mourinho insists winning the Europa League final against Ajax would be the perfect end to the season for Manchester United

Mourinho praised the mental strength of his players after watching his side secure their place in the Europa League final on Thursday. United saw off a late rally from Celta Vigo at Old Trafford and won the semi-final 2-1 on aggregate. Mourinho goes on to say that winning the trophy would be the perfect way to end his first season at the club.

Mourinho fears Ajax, who finish the Dutch season on Sunday, will be better prepared after a 12-day break. “Ajax’s league finishes Sunday,” said Mourinho. “They have 12 days to prepare. We have three games and three days. Hopefully Palace have nothing to play for because I will make a lot of changes. This season has been so difficult, so if we manage to win the Europa League it will be amazing,” he said. “It means a chance to win a trophy and the opportunity to be back in the Champions League.”


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