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President Muhammadu Buhari

President Buhari seeks negotiation with Niger Delta Militants.

President MUHAMMADU BUHARI has appealed to the militants vandalising oil installations in the Niger Delta to come to the negotiation table in order to end their arms campaign in the oil-rich Niger Delta.

According to the President, this would afford both the government and the militants the opportunity to decide how the nation’s resources could be managed rather than agitators picking up arms against their fatherland.

Regretting that the problems he identified during the campaigns that preceded the 2015 presidential election, which he won, still lingered even with him in the saddle for almost 18 months, the President appealed to Nigerians to be patient with his government.

BUHARI spoke when residents of the Federal Capital Territory, led by the Minister, MUHAMMAD BELLO, paid him a Christmas visit at the PresidenPrtial Villa, Abuja.


Responding, the President said Nigeria and its citizens were uppermost in his mind, stating that he would continue to do all within his powers to improve their living conditions, identifying specifically identified power and lack of infrastructure as major challenges.

He noted that while proceeds from agriculture were used to develop oil, he lamented that agriculture was discarded immediately oil started yielding resources for the country.

President BUHARI promised that his administration would concentrate on infrastructure development, saying jobs would be created through the process, adding that problems identified during his campaign are still the nation’s fundamental problems.

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