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NASS says Obasanjo is the most corrupt pNigerian on record.

NASS says former President is the most corrupt Nigerian.

The National Assembly has reacted to the statement credited to former President OLUSEGUN OBASANJO referring to the National Assembly as a den of corruption occupied by unarmed robbers.

According to the National Assembly, former President OBASANJO is the most corrupt Nigerian on record.

Spokesperson of the House of Representatives ABDULRAZAK NAMDAS went on to describe him as the grandfather of corruption in Nigeria.

Speaking with journalists in Abuja, NAMDAS said the former president lacked the moral authority to discuss corruption because the list of his corrupt acts while in office is endless.

NAMDAS also said it was unfortunate that he has started his familiar way of bringing down governments and may harbour the ill-intention of bringing down the administration of President MUHAMMADU BUHARI.

He argued that the national budget which OBASANJO claimed was high is grossly underfunded and is hampered from effectively and legitimately carrying out its constitutionally assigned functions.

Former President OBASANJO, you will recall told an audience in Lagos this week that the ongoing war in the judiciary should be extended to the parliament because it stinks to the high heavens.

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