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Nollywod actress, Amanda Ebeye

Nollywood actress, Amanda Ebeye welcomes baby.

Thirty year old, Nollywood actress, AMANDA EBEYE welcomes baby boy in Canada.

AMANDA EBEYE is one of the popular faces on TV soaps and series that have gone ahead to make a name for herself in Nollywood.

The Agbor indigene from Delta State, Nigeria, graduated from the Benson Idahosa University in Benin with a first degree in International Studies and Diplomacy.

From ‘Weeping Tiger ‘ to ‘Government Babes’, ‘Deadly Deals’, ‘Burning Tears’ and ‘My Last Wedding’, EBEYE has become a household name.

AMANDA EBEYE an extremely talented actress won the classic media merit award for the most talented actress in 2015. She also has a TAWA award and a TERRACOTA award where she won best supporting actress for city sisters.

The actress who is also a Canadian citizen told friends she will not be returning home anytime soon as she plans to continue her education and raise her son in Canada.

The actress, however, refused to disclose the father of her baby.


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