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ATIKU and El-Rufai in war of words.

ATIKU and El-Rufai in war of words.

A war of words has broken out between two prominent northern political leaders- former vice president ATIKU ABUBAKAR and current Kaduna state governor, NARIR EL-RUFAI.

It was ATIKU ABUBAKAR who first started the bitter exchange when he told a magazine in an interview that EL-RUFAI has been ungrateful to him after he brought him into government.

He also said in the interview that those who accused him of being corrupt including former Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC Chairman, NUHU RIBADU have apologized to him except EL-RUFAI.

However in a swift response, EL-RUFAI in a statement he personally signed, said that ATIKU is being haunted by the demons of corruption and an obsession to become president.

EL-RUFAI said ATIKU was culpable in the Halliburton scandal that consumed American congressman, WILLIAM JEFFERSON, who bagged a jail term in the United States of America.

The statement entitled, “Atiku haunted by his corrupt demons,” urged the former vice president to come clean with the findings of the report of the United States’ Senate Permanent Sub-Committee on Investigations which detailed the wire transfers involving the forty million dollars from offshore companies.


EL-RUFAI also alleged that the offshore companies wired funds into accounts controlled by ATIKU and one of his wives.

Accusing the former vice-president of being obsessed with the ambition of becoming the President of Nigeria, the governor said the chieftain of the ATIKU was fond of spewing out lies in an attempt to “rejuvenate his image”.

When contacted, the Director, Atiku Media Office, PAUL IBE, said he had seen NASIR EL-RUFAI’s statement and that the office was preparing a response.


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