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Onye leads Paralympians in bemoaning Presidential delay

Weeks after Nigeria’s brilliant outing at the just concluded Rio 2016 Paralympic Games in Brazil, the heroic athletes are becoming restless regarding their fate following the silence from the presidency on rewarding them.

One of the athletes, Lauritta Onye who won a gold Medal with a world record at the Games said they have to ask questions because after redeeming the name of the country by winning 8 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals, the Federal Government has not made any pronouncement on their performance bar a presidential statement via facebook.

“We went to Rio with the determination to win and in line with our promise, we conquered and now nobody is saying anything about our performance. It is sad. We are now begging President Muhammadu Buhari to receive us and accord us the necessary recognition,” she pleaded.

In contrast, United States President, Barack Obama, hosted the American Rio 2016 Olympic medalists on Friday, September 30.

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