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Arsene Wenger courts England manager job

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says he would be open to managing England in the future, but his current focus is with the Gunners.

He said and I quote “I rule nothing out because I want to work but it can end tomorrow. It’s like a love story. One day, if I’m free, why not?” End of quote.

The Frenchman celebrates 20 years at Arsenal on October 1st and his contract expires at the end of this season.

The Football Association is searching for a new England boss following Sam Allardyce’s departure after 67 days in the wake of a newspaper investigation.

Allardyce left by mutual agreement after the Daily Telegraph claimed he offered advice on how to “get around” rules on player transfers.

England Under-21 boss Gareth Southgate takes charge of the senior team for the next four games as the FA assesses its options.

Wenger is the longest-serving – and most successful – overseas manager in England, having won 15 trophies during his tenure at Arsenal.

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