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Fifa defends decision to disband anti-racism taskforce

World Football governing body FIFA has today defended its decision to scrap its anti-racism taskforce, an initiative set up in 2013 to tackle Racism and Discrimination in the Sport.

The decision has come under lots of criticism with FIFA Vice-President PRINCE ALI BIN AL-HUSSEIN and Anti-discrimination body KICK IT OUT, the latest to brand the move a wrong idea.

“Organisations that are actively campaigning against racism will be deeply disheartened to hear news of the disbandment, as they look to Fifa for leadership in a game which is so popular across the world.” A statement from KICK OUT said.

However, Fifa general secretary FATMA SAMOURA has said that FIFA’s anti-racism task force had a specific mandate, which it has fully fulfilled.

She added and I quote : “My presence here is a demonstration that Fifa has a zero tolerance policy against discrimination, not only racism but any kind of discrimination, including violation of human rights.”




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