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Ceferin succeeds Platini as UEFA President

Aleksander Ceferin has been elected the new president of UEFA, beating Michael van Praag in the race to succeed Michel Platini.

Ceferin, who was appointed president of the Slovenian FA in 2011 and has a background in law, won 42 of the 55 votes at the Extraordinary UEFA Congress in Athens on Wednesday.

“My small and beautiful Slovenia is very proud about it and I hope one day you will also be very proud of me,” Ceferin told UEFA delegates.

“Some people may have said that I am not a leader, that I am too young and too inexperienced to become the next UEFA president.

“It’s not because you repeat again and again, loud and clear, ‘I am a leader’ that you are a leader. If you have to do it you are probably not a leader.

“You can say that I am young and experienced but I honestly think it disrespectful for all small and medium-sized federations who, 365 days a year, have to do more with less.”

He replaces the banned Platini, who was found guilty of ethics violations in December for taking a payment of 2 million Swiss francs ($2m) from FIFA in 2011.


Earlier on Wednesday, Platini declared he has a “clear conscience” while bidding farewell to European football leaders before they elected his successor as UEFA president.

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