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IAAF Saga: Lord Coe aware of doping in Athletics.

The IAAF Council, including the organisation’s current president Lord Coe, “could not have been unaware of the extent of doping in athletics” according to an independent commission report from the World Anti-Doping Agency.   

However, Dick Pound, whose report damns IAAF governance, insists he “can’t think of anyone better” than Coe to lead it.

“I think it’s a fabulous responsibility for the IAAF to seize this opportunity and, under strong leadership, to move forward,” said Pound.

“There’s an enormous amount of reputational recovery that needs to occur here and I can’t think of anyone better than Lord Coe to lead that.”

Seb Coe has been accused of being guilty by association to disgraced former IAAF Chief Lamine Diack who he has in the past, openly backed. 

Lamine Diack faces criminal charges in France over allegations that he took around £760,000 from Russian athletes and officials to cover up failed drug tests. 

Pound’s 89-page report was particularly scathing of the former IAAF president who stood down and was replaced by Coe after 16 years in charge.

“The corruption that occurred within the IAAF was not at the level of some foreign currency trader in a bank carrying out unauthorised transactions, without the knowledge or permission of the responsible bank officers.

“Here it started with the president of the organisation. It involved the treasurer of the organisation. It involved the personal counsel of the president, acting on instructions of the president. It involved two of the sons of the president. It involved the director of the medical and anti-doping department of the IAAF.

“The corruption was embedded in the organisation. It cannot be ignored or dismissed as attributable to the odd renegade acting on his own. 

It concluded the Senegalese was “responsible for organising and enabling the conspiracy and corruption that took place in the IAAF”. 

Meanwhile, an interesting report was revealed on the awarding of the 2020 Olympic Games to Tokyo.   

Transcripts of the various discussions between Turkish individuals with Khalil Diack, son of president Lamine Diack make reference to a discussion regarding the bidding process.  

It states that Turkey lost Lamine Diack’s support because they did not pay sponsorship money of $4m to $5m either to the Diamond League or IAAF.  

According the transcript, the Japanese did pay the sum. 

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