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Alonso sees McLaren gain in 2016 season

Fernando Alonso believes his McLaren-Honda team has ”logical” solutions that will bring more than two-second performance gain it wants from 2016 Formula 1 challenger.

Honda endured a torrid return to F1 with McLaren in 2015, racking up a string of failures and generally being mired in the lower midfield.

The Honda V6’s inability to deploy as much regenerated energy as its rivals left Alonso and Jenson Button facing big straightline speed deficits in grands prix.

Alonso insisted in October that McLaren could close the gap to the front by as much as two seconds over the winter, and asked if he still held that opinion, he replied: “I’d agree with that.

“I think it will be relatively more than that.”

Alonso said the improvements will come from “everywhere”, adding: “We have not been optimising the car in some parts of the year”.

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