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We will only be seeing Ed on the red carpet

Ed Sheeran QUITS social media to travel the world

The record breaking singer took to Instagram to break the news to his fans

Ed Sheeran is “taking a break” from social media as he is “seeing the world through a screen and not my eyes”.

In a searingly honest Instagram post the singer explained he was “taking the opportunity of not having to be anywhere… to travel the world”.

He told fans fans that his third album was “on its way, adding that it promised to be “the best thing I have made thus far”.

Ed, who has 16 million Twitter and 5.5 million Instagram followers, wrote:

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Party-loving Ed is also lining up a post-Christmas detox after caning it for a year.

The 24-year-old has had a gruelling schedule, thrilling fans on his world tour with hits including Thinking Out Loud.

Now the singer plans to spend a few weeks “cleansing” at a ­Portuguese retreat after being invited by his cousin Jethro.

Aspiring singer Jethro said: “I told him how it would make him healthier and help him on stage and he really took it in.

“So we’re planning a post-Christmas detox.

Ed loves to party

Ed loves to party

“Jason, who runs it, is claiming he can change Ed’s relationship with food and alcoholand we can both have a cleanse and relax.

“It will be amazing for him, he’s never done anything like this.

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“I’ve been there three times now and lost 12 pounds in 10 days last time. You live on juices, exercise, do yoga and ­meditation.

“Your skin is glowing, energy levels are through the roof, though you’re very hungry for a while!”

Ed has shown in the past he can be healthy by shedding four stone – dropping from 15st to 11st.

But he has previously admitted his life in music makes it difficult to stay on the wagon.

We will only be seeing Ed on the red carpet

We will only be seeing Ed on the red carpet

He said: “It’s my lifestyle. I haven’t really been healthy to my body and my body’s not liking it.”

One issue for Ed, Jethro revealed, is coping with a hefty booze intake.

He added: “Ed likes a drink and can’t really hold his alcohol that well. He likes to party hard and he’s still very young.

“He’s a Sheeran from a good Irish stock where we like to drink. As a younger guy he never drank, this is all new to him.”

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